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About Company

Ashish Wheels Limited (AWL), the first company in North East India involved in the production of vehicles powered by advanced electrical engineering and technology. Through World’s initiative organizations, enterprises, the public , the company is confident if winning acceptance as a top manufactured and assembler of electric vehicles.

The vehicles help in reducing air and noise pollution, an option which government, private sectors and the general public are increasingly turning to.

AWL is committed to expand production and distribution throughout India. Quality is very important to our group and is viewed as one of the corner stones of our long-term business relationships. We operate for creating opportunities and rewards for our employees and delivering quality, reliable and cost-effective products to our customers. Offering choice of quality and cost-effectiveness, AWL is a benchmark for the vehicles industry in INDIA.

AWL develops the full range of electric vehicles that will help the people around the India to protect the environment from pollution. We are committed to eco-friendly pollution free concept with easy to afford, low running cost, personal transportation to all the segment of society.

The company is very much careful about the customer’s satisfaction “Since customers are the profit” hence many policies related to warranty are in the way to win customers confidence and longevity of product to users.


The company is situated at Siliguri Industrial Estate, Sevoke Road, Siliguri. The company is registered company under company Act, having seven directors. Mr. Purushottam Agarwal is the Managing Director of the Company. The Company name is Ashish Wheels Limited.
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