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Introduction of Electric Vehicle

With changing times and with the increasing dearth of Petrol as a fuel, and as well as the increasing pollution, people have thought for alternate rather non conventional mode of transportation .

As of today battery operated Products are the final solution for all pollution hazards at a fairly nominal price. An investment with in the means of a common man that guarantees healthy and pollution free environment, an electric- bike is one, which is powered by an in-build battery and can be recharged whenever required, and does not need petrol. Even including the effects of electricity generation, the California Air Resources Board report that EVs are 98% cleaner that the average 2005 new car and 95% cleaner that a SULEV and that’s not including the environmental impact of oil refining! Electric Vehicles are a proven “clean and green” choice by the people.

Studies show that 80% of daily commuting is less those 40 miles. Internal combustion vehicles generate the greatest amount of pollution during the first 20 minutes of Operation. Electric Vehicles require no warm-up period and are the perfect transportation option.

Why buy Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are only the cleanest from of transportation available today for Consumers .Electric Vehicles offer a quite fume smooth driving experience, since the motor does not operate when the vehicle is at a stop, Electric Vehicle has no idle noises .Electric Vehicles are nearly maintenance free (no smoke check, oil change, or Tune- ups).Eco-friendly, pollution free Vehicles, no starting trouble, no kick start.

Very low operating cost, easier further, enjoy making local errands fun, Quick and easy. Save money and protect the environment. It is meant for those who want to drive and at a low maintenance cost .Electric Vehicles offer the best and cheapest alternative to petroleum – based transportation .Driving an electric vehicle helps improve the quality of life, they are fun to drive. It is Patriotic too.

Electric scooters are allowed on public palaces like monuments, forts and museums but Gas and petrol are not allowed. Electric motors provide quick starts. An electric drive vehicle needs no consumption, decrease health-based emission, and strengthen the nations energy security.

Electric vehicles speed can be controlled by handlebar-based twist-grip, which regulates the “state of air” electronic brain. Electric vehicles are easier and saver to ride move versatile, and less expensive then the cheapest vehicles.

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