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Advantages of E-Vehicles (OIL)

As fuels prices are going high and higher the demands for oil to increase by nearly 50% by 2025. (Hydrogen posture plan, U.DOE, February, 2004).

By the year 2020, oil consumption is expected to grow by nearly 40% and our dependence on import is projected to rise to more then 60% (“A new road: The technology and potential of hybrid vehicles” Union of concerned scientists, January 2003) us oil production has been declining since 1970.

Advantages of E-Vehicles (Emission)

Between 500000 and 1 million premature deaths worldwide each year are a result of severe air pollution. (World Bank, November 2003). By 2040, light duty vehicle carbon emission may be reduced by more then 500 million metric tons of carbon equivalents each year using hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. (Hydrogen posture plan, U.S.DOE, February 2004, p. 28)

Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions and up 99% lower emissions than gasoline, petrol and diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles held world wide to reduce its dependence on oil, Electric vehicle owners enjoy the financial benefits of significantly lower fuel and maintenance expenses.

Electric vehicles draw electricity from batteries to power an electric motor to propel the vehicle, generating zero emissions. The batteries in the electric vehicle are charge using standard household electricity captured regenerative braking.

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